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People are looking for your business online

Our digital strategy team at Google can help you reach them.

Meet the digital strategy team

We'd like to introduce Google's own digital strategists: experts in helping successful businesses reach customers online. Get to know a few members of our team.

  • Philip


    Specializes in Brand Building, Digital Video, Cross-channel targeting.

  • Rowena


    Specializes in Online Video and Digital Branding.

  • Eric


    Specializes in Digital Branding and Beta Ad Products.

  • Brittney


    Specializes in Digital Branding, Performance-Based Marketing.

  • Alex


    Specializes in Brand Marketing, E-Commerce, Cross-channel targeting.

  • Ken


    Specializes in Performance Marketing and Branding.

  • Tessa


    Specializes in Digital Brand Development and Online Video.

  • Shashank


    Specializes in ZMOT Marketing and Cross-Channel Engagement.

Here's what our team can offer

A dedicated digital strategist

You'll be paired with a dedicated digital expert with experience helping successful businesses expand their marketing presence online.

Access to the latest research

Your strategist will share insights into how consumers in your industry are behaving online, and what it can mean for your business.

A personalized marketing plan

Your strategist will work with you to design an online plan that complements your current marketing strategy, and help you launch your campaign.

Understand your audience
Build brand awareness
Connect with your audience

What to expect

Your strategist will work with you, free of charge. Here's what to expect:


We'll talk about your priorities and long-term goals. We'll also provide you with research into how your potential customers are behaving online.


We'll work with you to create a marketing plan that fits your business' needs and takes advantage of the latest trends in your industry.


We'll build and launch an online ad campaign that connects you with the right customers and helps you reach your goals.


You'll get hands-on, personalized support throughout the process, and we'll check in regularly once your campaign is running to keep improving its results.
"Jake and his team at Google were instrumental in helping us shape traffic. As a result, we saw 146% visitor growth and almost 300% increase in requests for product evaluations. This activity has helped build our brand and set the stage for our Atmel Tech on Tour roadshow across the States."

Sander Arts

Vice President, Marketing

Atmel Corporation

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